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It's my first time posting on here and I apologize in advance if my post is completely misguided. I'm a first year architecture student and I've been trying to find resources to help me understand the material we're covering in Geometry (projective geometry, homology e.t.c.). I'm at a university in Paris and it's the only class I'm arduously suffering in since the lectures are given in very fast paced technical french, and whenever I try to google the stuff we're looking at all I find are esoteric papers or math PhD type videos. I'm hoping there's a hidden Khan Academy for architecture students out there but I'd also greatly appreciate any other recommendations on online resources which could help me get a grasp on general principles on my own. Any tips or suggestions on books (does Architectural Geometry for Dummies exist?) would be super helpful. Thank you!

Nov 19, 19 8:54 pm
atelier nobody

Your main problem seems to be one of terminology - try Googling "descriptive geometry" and you should get plenty of hits.

Nov 19, 19 9:20 pm

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