need advice deciding on laptop


Hi I am a first year student heading into architecture, and I have already been working in a firm for over a year, and I usually just use my desktop for all my work, I will be needing a laptop for school though. I would say my desktop is pretty good already as it is an 8th gen i7 and has a GTX 1070, so if i need to render anything im good. I was wondering if anybody has recommendations for a laptop as I already have a good desktop. 


Nov 14, 19 4:38 pm

Lenove P1 -Gen 2 - 9th gen i7

Nov 14, 19 4:46 pm
Non Sequitur

don't get a MBpro.

Besides that, 17" with decent cooling and dedicated gpu will be fine.

Nov 14, 19 4:54 pm

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