Schools with Digital Fabrication Programs

I'm applying to grad school and am looking for programs with a focus on digital fabrication.

Currently my list is as follows:

Texas at Austin

Any recommendations for programs or critiques on the ones I am applying to would be greatly appreciated. I know Michigan has a great program but I'm a bit concerned about moving so far into the cold. I currently work in NYC

Nov 14, 19 1:36 pm

As much as a trash on Pratt, they do have a quite strong digifab focus with all the equipment and tools you could want. And if the architecture building doesn't have what you need, you can use the Industrial Design lab as well.

Nov 14, 19 1:59 pm

I'm told that their focus is more on using these technologies for models rather than scaled mock ups, no unlike Sci Arc?


Depends on the studio and depends on the need. Yes, you will definitely make models, but you will also have the opportunity to do scaled-up mocks and actual scale exhibitions/installations/pavilions/etc. Moreover, you will actually learn how to do everything, from drawings lines in software to translating to machine code to operating the robots and mills.



ETH Zurich

Ball State

Nov 14, 19 10:14 pm

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