Need help with structural model pls


So I’m a second year architecture student and we have been asked to make a structural model for our design proposal (has to be timber structure, said in brief) and I’m a bit lost about how to go about it.  It’s pretty basic stuff but I don’t know how many columns and beams I need I don’t know the spacing or what thickness they’d need to be. I’ve looked through all my lecture notes and looked online and can’t quite find what I need to figure this out (wether it’s a formula or building regulations) maybe I’m not typing in the right thing. 

Any help would be appreciated

Nov 13, 19 6:01 pm

Start looking at wood structure manufacturers. Load, span tables, etc.

Nov 13, 19 6:04 pm

Thank you

Non Sequitur

I’m pretty certain that this is something you should already know since it’s a req of the project. Did you skip basic material/structure class?  Any half decent text book will have spam tables and basic connection details. Start there. 

Nov 13, 19 6:12 pm

I’d have thought so too but I can’t seem to find it in my notes and I think I must have been writing the question wrong on the internet. I have asked around in my year group and everyone’s said to research but they didn’t know or remember anything and will be doing research like me on Thursday. I’ve been looking for a few hours a day but had no luck. I couldn’t get much info from the detail sections as that wouldn’t show me the overall structure but will look at span tables thank you


Well the number of columns is dependent on the spacing you want. The thickness is dependent on the number. And so on.

There's no objectively correct answer, only optimal solutions based on design choices. Did you make any design choices (hint hint)?

Nov 13, 19 7:29 pm
atelier nobody

Buy yourself a copy of Ambrose's Simplified Engineering. You'll use it throughout your career.

Nov 13, 19 7:29 pm

Dk Chings, building construction illustrated has some rules of thumb for these things.

Nov 14, 19 9:42 pm

Architects studio companion has span table, graphs and everything you need to know in order to set up your grids and do a structural layout - the basics

Nov 18, 19 6:39 pm

Go to the library and get "The Timber Construction Manual", you're also going to need the National Design Specification Supplement Design Values for Wood Construction

Nov 24, 19 5:31 pm

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