Statement of Intent for Architecture portfolio for M. Arch studies


I am writing a statement of intent for a post graduate studies in Architecture. I am having a feeling that this is not just the normal type of statement of intent as it was stated there that, "it should express interest in the field of architecture and graduate school while also its a written equivalent to my portfolio of works, and should also reflects my voice". I am quite confused on this subject as I am uncertain about the approach I should take. 

Please kindly provide help if you have an idea about this. Thank you.

Nov 13, 19 1:03 pm

Those are pretty normal directions for a statement of intent for an M.Arch program.  Make an outline based on asking yourself some relevant questions, such as:  Why do I want to study architecture? What makes me suited to study architecture? What have I done so far that relates to my reasons and suitability for studying architecture?  What makes me a unique and valuable addition to this university/department/degree track? Why this particular one? 

Once you've written some mini-essays in response to each of these questions, remove the questions themselves, string the answers together, and edit into a cohesive statement.

Nov 13, 19 1:26 pm  · 

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