Architecture for visually impaired people


Hello dear colleagues. I decited to choose the project thesis "Museum for visually impaired people" (could be art or daily centre also), but I've faced the problem, that cannot find any professional project examples on the Internet (analogues, finished buildings, competitions). Only few students' works and one simple in archdaily. Maybe somebody knows any built project for the blind people worldwide? In my small country there is no one similar to this. You would really help me. Thanks a lot!

Nov 11, 19 12:40 pm
Non Sequitur

fascinating topic but I find it impossible to believe you can't find any useful information or precedence.  I found several articles of real public space designs focused on the visually impaired. Took less than 18 seconds of googling.  Certainly you can do better than this. 

Crowd-sourcing your research is just lazy.

Nov 11, 19 1:28 pm  · 

This is the second link when I search "museum for the blind"

Design your project with the other four senses. 

Instead of finding precedent, figure out how a blind person interacts with the world on a daily basis. Often, its trying to avoid designs that are inadvertently trying to harm them. How does a visually-impaired person get around? Aided/unaided? Don't try and translate a regular building into a "blind" building...start with a bit more empathy. 

Nov 11, 19 3:40 pm  · 

^ Elaborating on the good advice above: interview some blind people.

I had a student last year with very low vision--legally blind.  Our research assignment involved observation of public space and its uses and users.  I was worried about him and his work in this realm, but he did the very best paper of all.  He also wrote an addendum describing the particular challenges faced by the visually impaired when using public space that was fascinating and educational.

Don't do this project assuming you can learn everything you need from websites.

Nov 12, 19 12:11 am  · 

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Maybe I've been searching with a wrong keyword or something. Because I found a lot of literature about experiental, cognitive architecture, phenomenology and etc. Its not about lazyness, maybe I did it in the wrong way. But thank you, I will use your advise! :)

If anybody has more examples or thoughts, please share :) 

Nov 12, 19 9:17 am  · 

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