Online Architecture Programs? And general guidance inquiry.


I’m finally pulling my life together and am looking for schools to study architecture. I’m low-income, and moving is not an option for me. I live in Nebraska, and there are no schools around me offering an architecture program. (Particularly since I must continue working full-time to support myself.) I learned about the school SCI-Arc, and I am wondering if anyone had studied their online curriculum. Was it worth it?

I’m also curious as to when is “too soon” to seek out an internship. I’ve heard some tell me to get on that sooner than later, and do that while I’m also studying. Others have said I’ll need to get further along in my education before I can even hope for an internship.

I’ve already completed certification for AutoCAD (and now I realize that I will probably be using Civil3D or Revit, so I’m currently studying those), and also currently studying interior decoration and design with an eye toward green design.

I have a love for architectural history, and have a (pipe) dream of being able to help restore/rebuild historical buildings with greater sustainability, while maintaining the historical value of the structure.

I also have aspirations to help run-down neighborhoods see new life with more affordable, greener homes available to lower-income households.

I’ve been on my own for a long time, and my well of support isn’t very deep. I’m eager and I’m afraid, and I would really truly greatly appreciate any advise or words of encouragement from my future community. Thank you for reading and all your support and inspiration!

Nov 8, 19 3:44 pm
Non Sequitur

Are there really accredited online architecture programs?

Nov 8, 19 4:59 pm

Yes. There is at least one completely online program that is NAAB accredited.


Academy of Arts University, Lawrence Technical University. These two I know offers a completely online NAAB accredited degree program. Some others have what is more better described as distance education oriented programs where they have limited on-campus instruction. BAC and some others are like that.

Non Sequitur

fascinating. I wonder how/where their online gig ranks compared to the typical arch degree.


I don't know. They are expensive so there isn't much saving compared to living with parents while going to a local university (if you happened to live in a city with one of those programs where the public transit cost or commute cost wouldn't be excessive. I would say they are probably better than some typical arch degree programs but not necessarily better then the better ones. Individual students can run different mileage as to their performance outcomes and delivery. It wouldn't be the best option for students that are not very disciplined and tech savvy to work online. They won't have the same studio culture environment with other students so they have to be able to work remote with others.


I have took online courses before but not necessarily with architecture courses but I can see where it can work and fail depending on the student.


You’ve given me something to think about! Thanks, friend! 

Nov 10, 19 3:15 pm

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