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Hi friends!

I'm working on a portfolio for M.Arch applications, and I've done a fair amount of backpacking (27 countries). For me this relates strongly to my interests in architecture, as I travel to immerse myself in cultures and regions and believe that the ability to understand and empathize with how others live (re: eventual clients) will play strongly into a successful architectural career.

My initial thought was to include a page in my portfolio, with a text blurb summing up what is said above along with a gradient of thin image slices, one from each country, to highlight the extent of my travel and the purpose behind it. Now I'm realizing the portfolio should really only include projects where I had creative output, which this doesn't fit (the alternative is to leave the travel in a section on my resume). 

Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks! 

Nov 3, 19 4:24 pm
Non Sequitur

Anyone can buy a plane ticket and travel... all it takes is a little disposable income and free time.  Not everyone can draw, sketch, or show creative thinking.  Focus on those.

Nov 3, 19 5:40 pm

Travel is a college admissions essay cliche (both "how my travels taught me that people are the same all over the world" and "how my travels taught me that people are different all over the world" are examples cited in most college guides as topics to avoid.).  If you have sketches or other artwork done during your travels or inspired by them then include those in your portfolio.  But if all you can do is a photo collage I'd say you're better off not including that.

Nov 3, 19 7:08 pm

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