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I have a BSc in architectural studies from the United States. I'm very interested in going to a eurpean school, and i got accepted by Polimi last year but after visiting, I did not like it. That same trip I feel in love with Copenhagen. I applied to KADK and did not get in. I've since completely revamped my portfolio, but I fear I won't get into KADK just due to the shear amount of talent applying. 

I've just found out about Aarhus School of Architecture. Is there anyone studying there or knows much about it? Is it a great programme? I find it might be an easier way than KADK to end up living in Copengahen, as that is now my main goal in life. Although I don't want to waste my final chance at education (not interested in doing a Phd) on a programme that isn't worthwhile.

I'm interested in other schools as well such as Delft, UCL, IAAC, Oslo, and Helsinki. These seem less conducive though to eventually work and live in Copenhagen. I've visted Delft and did love the town and the university and probably consider it my number one. 

Thoughts? Many thanks in advance.

Oct 30, 19 4:31 pm

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