From Fine Arts to Architecture (M.Arch I application)


I am putting together my portfolio for the graduate school admissions cycle right now (looking at three year programs). I studied art in my undergrad and my portfolio consists of a mix of sculpture and drawing. I was wondering if there are certain schools in the U.S. that are more open to fine arts background students than others.

Oct 29, 19 7:24 pm

yes, apply to art schools that have a n architecture department. The faculty will be hungry for a student who can make the department look legitimate. 

Nov 1, 19 8:29 pm

I think you'd be surprised! Conversely, I went to an art school for grad school after a non-arts undergrad (although my dual majors were Math and Art History). Having been in the profession, I have known comedy writers who went to MIT, MFA painters who went to UCLA architecture... undergrad painters who went to Cooper Union, other undergrad painters that went to Cincinnati. you never know what theyre looking for. If you can afford it apply to a broad range of schools, and follow where you think, intuitively, you would fit best rather than what your resume dictates.

Best of luck!

Nov 2, 19 12:29 am

i transferred from fine arts to architecture after a year in undergrad. I had only paintings and sculptures to show for it as well. This was not a problem as far as I know.

My education was great and I had zero clue what I was getting into, however in retrospect I wish I had looked around more and at least aimed for a school that matched my interests better. In the end I needed to set aside a lot of what interested my in architecture to begin with, simply because the programs and profs were not on the same page. This was not a long-term problem, because I picked up those things later, and you know the amount of things I needed to learn was so it didnt matter where i want, in a way. But I still cant help but wonder what if I had gone to a place that was better aligned with what I thought was important....

Which is to say, try to find a school that interests you and teaches something close to what you hope to get out of architectural practice. Your background will not be as important. I would add that your portfolio and other material should reinforce that intention, so the committee will see why it would be a great match for them as well.

Nov 4, 19 8:59 am

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