Ways to choose a architecture topics for master graduation.


Good Morning/Afternoon.

This year is my master graduation. We have to choose a topic for our thesis but i'm a bit confused & too hesitating... feeling lost and desperate. 

I'm here to ask some help from you, people of Archinect. my thesis gotta be about "Architecture Environement & Technologie".

Any tips on how choosing a topic ? Any simple ideas i could develop ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.

                                                           An Architecture Sudent.

Oct 27, 19 4:06 pm

Which school are you attending? 

Oct 27, 19 4:30 pm
Non Sequitur

Start by asking your professors...

Then, find out if it's a thesis or a term project.  Remember, a topic is not a thesis and it takes a great deal of work to develop a decent thesis.  This is not something you do by crowd-sourcing on the internet.

So stop being so lazy and get to work.  Pick up some journals at your library and start reading about issues you find important.  

Oct 27, 19 4:32 pm

It's a thesis that will result with a project. yes choosing a topic is not something that we do by searching on the internet. i'm not being lazy or anything, i've searched a long time already, the problem is the area of search is limited by the "general theme" which is "Architecture Environement & Technologie". i've searched for a lot of stuff i could do & end up getting denied by my supervisor teacher. i ended up here to seek ways on finding a subject, which picking up journals and start reading issues is one of these ways. thanks for replies. any other ways or own experience are welcome. PS : i study in french, so my english isn't actually the best.

Oct 28, 19 10:57 am

This should be a back and forth conversation with your advisor. Don't worry about "getting denied by my supervisor teacher." That's part of the process. Start general and work with him or her to narrow down to something that works for the program and your interests/ability.

"Architecture Environement & Technologie" is extremely vague & malleable. Find something that captures your attention and then spend some time investigating how it might fit into this theme. No one can do this for you except yourself.

Stop looking for "an answer" and start looking for a process. 

Oct 28, 19 2:37 pm

I second this. It's a nuanced process that you will likely still not feel satisfied with at the end, which is okay. Think of it as more of something you'd like to explore and learn about, instead of an ultimate result that needs to be "correct" or "right."


Thanks for your replies, specially Sean, i think my thinking was false, as i wanted to do "the perfect thing" or the "ultimate project", i've never got to work too much with residential buildings so i might just head this way, maybe a mixed use building, i'll dig more on it. wish me luck. thanks again :)


It's important for the OP to find out how the process works at his school first. "Don't worry about getting denied by your supervisor" isn't always good advice, because in some architecture schools there's a deadline for a proposal, with a yes or no decision - and only a fraction of students get approved to do a thesis project, while the rest are required to do regular upper-level studios again for that year. How much back-and-forth there is with the advisor or committee before the thesis proposal is accepted and what % of proposals are accepted varies - all the way from schools with 100% approval (everyone in their final year always does a thesis), down to only 10% of the class or so (most people do regular studios, while only an elite few projects with very well-defined hypotheses and processes are allowed to go forward with their theses projects.)

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