Grad School Portfolio Advice/Citations?


In high school, I replicated a print of a bear that I found on google images and thought looked cool. Never attempted to make money off of it or claimed credit for the design, just wanted a fun side project to develop my skills a bit. I did carve, paint, and put the wood through the printing press myself, obviously. Can I include a photograph of this print in my portfolio if I cite the source properly? If so, how should I go about doing this? 

Oct 27, 19 9:52 am

when I was an undergrad we were asked to replicate images through hand drawings throughout first year. Whenever we presented work we were told to place the title of the original work and write “after and the name of artist” and then whatever medium we used. Maybe something along those lines?

Oct 27, 19 9:55 am

You could include this project and cite the source in the text ("Printmaking by Side Salad, design by Jane Q. Artiste"), but I wouldn't recommend including this project at all.  The purpose of your portfolio is to show your thought process and your original visual work.  M.Arch programs don't care about your high school carving, painting, or printmaking skills - particularly when they utilize someone else's design.

Oct 30, 19 3:16 pm

thanks for the advice-- i've decided not to include this piece in my portfolio.

Nov 3, 19 10:55 am

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