Partner Project in School


Question for those who are in the professional practice. Does partner work that you did in school reflect the way that you work now when working on a team in the field? Just curious to hear what people think

Oct 26, 19 4:27 pm

Projects that I did as part of a team in architecture school are certainly closer to the way I've worked in my professional career than academic projects where I was working on my own.  Even when I was a 1-person firm, absolutely every real-world project is a team project of sorts, because they involve a real client, and usually a team of consultants, and often many others (contractors, vendors, owner's representatives, AHJ's, end-users, etc.)   

But the dynamics of the teams on real projects is usually much different than in school.  On a school project the team usually doesn't have a formally defined hierarchy or organization, and ends up being led mostly by the student who is the most confident, or outgoing, or who has the most pre-existing social connections among the team members, or sometimes even just the most bossy personality.  In the real world the "leader" isn't the same for every phase, and sometimes isn't the architect.

Oct 26, 19 9:52 pm

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