Sustainability Management for architects


Hello world

I would like to know about the scope of studying a sustainability management degree at SPS Columbia..

They have an interesting syllabus but it is quite pricey

I would like to know about the demand for Sustainability managers and analysts in the architecture field.. if I will get a decent job after graduation so I will be able to pay off my education loans..

I am an architect from India, looking to diversify my field but keep a hold on my basic degree

Oct 26, 19 11:23 am

This is an interesting conundrum that I've often thought about.  Is there any value in getting another credential?

In many cases, I think the answer is NO.  My thought process is that sustainability is just one part of architecture.  Same for project management.  I think you are much better off learning those skills in an office (real world) environment and maybe backing that up with some specific classes or certificates.  Then you can become a thought leader with real projects to back up your knowledge.

Of course, if you want to teach sustainability or somehow need a degree to get a license then that is different.  You may also get a more well-rounded education in sustainability with the degree, while working on projects might limit what you end up focusing on.

Remember, even if you get that degree, it doesn't mean you will get a job to pay the loan back.  Getting the job is up to you, not the degree.

I hope that helps.

Oct 27, 19 10:08 am

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