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I received a 155 V and 143 Q on the GRE (haven’t gotten written scores back yet). Was wondering based on others experiences if similar scores were a road block from getting into grad schools. For reference, my applications are going more towards art schools: RISD and PRATT as well as schools like UIC, and WOODBURY which aren’t as top tier. My understanding is that GRE scores usually act as a tie breaker between candidates but I’m basically just curious about others acceptances or rejections with low (or similar to my) GRE scores and simply average GPAs from undergrad (3.5-3.6 range). Assuming my portfolio, rec letters and personal statement are impressive, should I find the time to worry about these scores?


Oct 9, 19 3:19 pm

Woodbury doesn't require the GRE so that's one less thing to worry about

Oct 9, 19 4:16 pm
Dr. Architecture

For best insight, contact each program you are considering to learn what weight the GRE has in the process; ask what admitted students in the passed received for the GRE.

I would focus more on your transcript and portfolio.

Oct 11, 19 9:38 am

All I know is having a high GRE score doesn't matter.

Oct 11, 19 9:54 am

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