How important is the GRE to M Arch Application?


Hello friends. I've been studying for the GRE for a few months now, as most of the programs I'm applying to require it for admission. I'm in a bit of a panic today as I took a practice test and did HORRIBLY. I realize that this is just one component of the application, but I've been under the impression that it is important (especially for someone like me with an unimpressive GPA). I'm wondering if anyone has insight on how heavily the score might weigh on my chance of admission? For reference I'm not applying to any Ivy Leagues...

ETA: I come from a non-Arch background. And I quite need scholarships to get me through school (HA).

Oct 8, 19 4:33 pm
Non Sequitur

Maybe graduate studies are not right for you at this time.  Low GPA + low GRE + questionable financial aid will not work in your favour in architecture school.  

Why are you looking into M.Arch?


Oct 8, 19 4:49 pm

I work as an architectural drafter, but I am drawn to design. I decided I wanted to be an architect so I am planning to pursue M Arch. My GPA in undergrad was low due to one semester when a friend passed away and in my grief I let my grades slip. I'm hoping to explain that in my application somehow, but also was counting on the GRE to counterbalance my GPA. I will continue to study, and probably start a different study plan now that I feel that what I have been doing is not working. As for finances, I am saving what I can but I don't make much as a drafter so it is tough! I will definitely at least need loans, and I hope to work while in school.


How long until the actual test?  Not a plug, but I used magoosh and it helped my score a ton more than just studying out of a standard GRE book.  Google it if you're not sure.  They gave me a more accurate predicted score than the GRE book gave me.  If you can delay the test a bit and give you more time to get your score up that might help.  

NS is right that you will not fair well if you need financial aid and have low scores. 

Oct 8, 19 5:12 pm

I have actually been using Magoosh online! I also have their book and the ETS book. I liked Magoosh online at first, but I feel that the practice questions are very tough. I often just don't know how to solve them and end up guessing then watching the explanation video. Maybe if I continue to do the questions I will eventually learn from the explanation videos? But it's frustrating because I was following their plan and feel I have made hardly any progress.


I used the magoosh blog in addition to the paid service portion. The blog has individual articles based on the various question types and a study plan. Picking out a study plan and sticking to it, and spending a minimum of an hour per day (with more on the weekends when possible) really helped. It helps to know what you're missing; is it the concept or a vocabulary word or the approach or something else? Pinpointing that can help you narrow down to what to study instead of just doing a million practice questions.


I’ve heard it’s worth like 5-8% of your admissions profile so not much at all. I took it once this past summer and I don’t plan on taking it again. I got like a 158V and a 160-something in Quant. Don’t worry about it.

Oct 18, 19 9:36 pm

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