Which school should I opt for M.Arch ?


Hey guys !

I'm going to apply for Masters of Architecture for Fall 2020. Which one's should I apply from the mentioned below ?

1) Syracuse University

2) Illinois Institute of Technology

3) University of Oregon

4) Virginia Tech

5) University of Illinois,Urabana Champaign

6) University of Virginia

Any inputs in deciding the universities will be helpful !

Thanks !

Oct 7, 19 11:20 am
Non Sequitur


Any other adult decisions you wish to outsource to random internet wankers?

Oct 7, 19 12:01 pm

1. Which program interests you the most? Why?

2. Where do you want to be for 3 years (Syracuse =/= Oregon)

3. Where do you have life connections? Job connections?

4. How much money are you willing to spend?

5. Why not apply to them all and see what sticks?

6. Would you trust online suggestions over your own research and assessments?

7. How much can you spend for this bridge I have over here?

Oct 7, 19 1:43 pm

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