PARSONS m.arch?


what's up with parsons m.arch? why is it so lowkey? they have wonderful faculty and very nice student community from different backgrounds.  need to know more about the course cause I am really interested in parsons other than Columbia gsapp and PRATT.

Oct 4, 19 3:21 pm

other then *** cringe ( grammar nazis don't come at me)

Oct 5, 19 5:24 am
Janhavi Savalia


I am in the same dilemma as I have been accepted by all three schools and donot know which one to choose. 

Although I am inclined towards parsons as they have offered me advanced standing with 50% tuition fees scholarship. Also I really like their faculty and their design workshop, I am still not completely convinced that I ll be able to find a good job later. and it being a comparatively newer program, is it a respected one.

Mar 24, 20 6:26 am

Choose GSAPP if you got into all 3 lol , that's a no-brainer

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