Winter Break/ December - January Internships


I am an undergraduate student looking to apply to internships that will take place during the winter months of December and January. My brother lives in upper Manhattan, and I have family in around the Bronx, so I would not need to worry about obtaining a place to stay. I just don’t want to waste my winter break away at home, and I would much rather use this towards furthering my architectural experience, as I will be graduating from undergrad in Spring of 2021. Anyone have any experiences interning over winter break? Although it is such a small time period of about 5 weeks, I’m open to anything. What have you guys done during this time?

Sep 18, 19 12:33 am
Non Sequitur

Whatever you do, don't take unpaid internships.

Sep 18, 19 1:46 am

Well, the architecture program i’m in requires me to obtain an amount of hours interning, so I’m all for working unpaid at this point in time.

Sep 18, 19 7:07 am
Non Sequitur

No, you should never be in favour of unpaid (slavery) work. No exception. Have some respect for your time. "employers" who offer unpaid interships certainly won't.


I imagine you could learn a lot more going out, sketching and exploring the city.

From my perspective having someone new during just this specific time period seems like a lot of hassle. At least in my experience, a lot of people take off for the holidays, schedules are set to avoid near-holiday deadlines and everything just sort of slows down for a little bit.

Sep 18, 19 12:50 pm

I wouldn't intern during a winter break.  Like steeple says, everything slows down, everyone goes on vacation, and everything picks back up at the beginning of January.  (We purposely schedule deadlines at early-mid December with the next ones being late January, early February.)  Enjoy your break - you won't get many of them after you graduate - and do something else.  (I do like the idea of going out and sketching for days at a time.)  No matter how motivated you are, you risk burn out if you don't take a break.  If you feel like you need to be doing something, work on a portfolio or website and start researching firms you'd like to intern with during the upcoming summer.

Sep 18, 19 2:01 pm

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