My conundrum of Masters

I’m an architecture graduate from Sri Lanka. I’ve currently completed my Architecture part one (3 years) affiliated by UWE Bristol. This is a RIBA accredited course. I’m hoping to study my masters in a country with rich architectural or design context. Preferably somewhere in Europe or Canada. I have a few questions,
1.      Is it possible to find my living expenses and course fees through part-timing while I’m studying? I’m part-timing as a freelance graphic designer and UI/UX developer, and in the past, I’ve earned a considerable amount through this.
2.      I would like to follow a course that is in line with sociology, strategic design, spacial design, or regional designs, etc. I'm interested in a course concentrating on design rather than management or other technicalities.
3.      I prefer practicing on my own after gaining some experience. How hard it is to manage your studio in a European country (Let’s say the Netherlands) or in Canada. I'm asking this because many of my colleges have this notion that it is very difficult to practice architecture solo in Europe. 

I’m sorry for the long post. As you can see I'm very confused at the moment and would like some insight, so bear with me. Thank you!

Sep 11, 19 7:33 am
Non Sequitur

to practice in other countries, you must first meet the requirements of their local associations.  So pick a school that has an accredited masters for the places you want to eventually work BUT to practice as an architect you will need loads of experience hours in that particular country before writing your licensing exams. 

So, it’s complicated. 

Sep 11, 19 8:27 am  · 

Thank you for your advice.


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