Having a hard time in creating my portfolio for M.arch


Hello everyone 

right now am in the middle of crisis in creating my portfolio for the next sem M.arch applications world wide. the thing is i still don't know what to show in the portfolio .I have 7 academic + 4 professional work .. knowing that i have to select the best work gives me hard time since i believe all these works are amazing. I design ( Urban mosque , transportation hub , research center , cultural center , housing project , pavilion ... etc ) 

am afraid of two things :

1- If I choose 6 of them , the other 5 could be crucial for them to see what inside my mind. 

2- if i did all, it will be boring and they will reject me.

sorry for the long post mates .. thank you 

Sep 6, 19 8:21 pm
Non Sequitur

Show your greatest hits and focus on demonstrating design & thought process rather than final imagery.

Sep 6, 19 9:23 pm  · 
No one is interested in seeing all of the work you have completed. A big component of a successful portfolio is showing that you are able to synthesize and simplify your material in a clear and concise manner.
Sep 7, 19 5:54 pm  · 

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