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I am currently applying for my Masters in Architecture. I have a fine arts background (ceramics/sculpture) and have been doing research and development in the ceramics manufacturing industry since graduating college a few years ago. I did well in undergrad, on the GRE, have three professors lined up for recs, and have a strong sculpture portfolio.

Programs I am looking at have either design-build emphasis, sustainability emphasis, or both. I currently live in Oregon, but am from Georgia, so I am looking at school on the west coast or southeast mostly. I am not opposed to rural areas or lesser known schools. I am not interested in Ivy Leagues really, and am trying to get my degree without accruing a ton of debt (if possible). 

Schools I am looking at currently are: U of Oregon (instate), Ga Tech (can live with parent), U of Florida, U of Utah, Tulane, and UMN. 

I am mostly posting if anyone on here has any recommendations for schools that they think would fit this criteria, or has any useful knowledge about any of these programs.


Sep 6, 19 12:18 pm

UVA had an excellent design-build emphasis to their program a few years back.  It may be worth checking if they still have a design-build option or if it has gone by the wayside.  

I'll take a shot in the dark and ask if you've thought about going into conservation.  A background in ceramics could lead to some thoughtful analysis of terra cotta / other masonry conservation work.  

Sep 6, 19 12:46 pm

I have not. Do you mean like historic preservation? If so, U of O actually has a program based in Portland, so I might go check it out! Thanks.


Yes, but I was thinking more in the conservation realm like Columbia's program, UPenn, or Clemson. I live on the east coast so not familiar with what U of O has, but definitely worth checking it out!


I will check those out as well :)


Auburn's Rural Studio, Rice University. Rural Studio is known as like the "king of design-build programs" in the states. I could be wrong, but I think if you're doing the M.Arch I at UO that you have to start in Eugene? Something to look into at least


Rural Studio only does landscape architecture for masters, unfortunately. And yes, I would start in Eugene, and that is ok! Not very attached to Portland.


Let me introduce you to AlinaF, the forum psycho


If you say anything other than 2.51 it’s going to freak out and continually post 2.51 GPA


Yeah I am not sure why my gpa is relevant. It is good enough to not be a hinderance getting in to grad programs.

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