How to approach my topic as a thesis



I have a great difficulty in approaching my interest of my topics in thesis. So i thought this can be a better platform to share and to know.

I have thought about topics like failures of Architecture and Hedonic Sustainability. Can anyone give me a clue how to take it up as a THESIS??

Good Day!

Sep 1, 19 2:20 pm
Non Sequitur

those are broad subjects. To make it a thesis, start by writing up a question or observations and build up a literature review and body or work to support this question. 

Sep 1, 19 2:37 pm  · 

What even is Hedonic Sustainability??  Maybe start with some definitions, but yes, you need a guiding question or set of questions that you are looking to answer.

Also, why are you asking the internet instead of your professor?

Sep 1, 19 2:56 pm  · 

BIG's bullshit, a.k.a. marketing.


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