How much harder is MArch vs. Undergraduate? Advice would be appreciated.


I'm excited to be starting my MArch next week, and I'm hoping some more experienced people on this forum can compare their undergrad experience to their masters experience. I'll start off by saying that I didn't find undergrad to be terribly hard (I finished a year early, had time for a part time job during the school year, and graduated with good grades), however, I went to UofT and I figure that accredited undergrad programs are more rigorous. My takeway from UofT was that much of the work was time consuming, but not difficult from an intellectual standpoint. What can I expect at the Masters level and what are your main tips to do well in the program? I will be attending Carleton for my MArch, but I would value advice from those who attended any school in Canada.

Aug 27, 19 3:22 pm
Non Sequitur

UofT undergrad is a joke and does not in any way compare to the workload of the other BAS degrees in Canada.  I'm very happy to see that you've moved on from UofT and are attending Carleton (which is my undergrad).  That school has a very long history with hand drawing and craftsmanship and some of the old guard profs are still alive and kicking.  Plenty of new blood there too, but the weight of the old traditional design ways still haunts the halls.

You'll certainly will be challenged... and that's a good thing. 

Aug 27, 19 3:32 pm

Thanks for the reply! After graduating from UofT, it took me a couple years to build my portfolio to the point where I actually stood a chance against other applicants (my undergrad portfolio was quite sad). But it was worth the effort and I'm glad it allowed me to get into Carleton, which seems to have a much more serious program overall, and which also offers very generous funding. Perhaps someday I will write a post on the dangers of UofT undergrad architecture for those considering the program..

Non Sequitur

I'm glad you've seen the light and have moved on to a better school. That post will definitively save some future readers some headaches... and broken dreams. 8-) Good luck at Carleton. I don't really have much to do with that school anymore but I do still bump into its faculty around town and at events.


Motivation ended up becoming the hardest part.  Burnout is a real problem after slogging through all that schooling.  Can't really take a sabbatical from grad school, can you?

Aug 27, 19 3:48 pm

Yes, that's true... It's easy to be motivated right now, but in two years I probably won't be as enthusiastic! I applied and was rejected multiple times before being accepted to a masters program, so during those periods I had ample time to consider whether I really did want to pursue this path. Hopefully this will keep me going when I start running out of ste am!


Grad school was a walk in the park/ more freedom to do what you truly wanted to do. Undergrad was literally hell.

Sep 9, 19 1:34 pm

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