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Hello, I am a masters student at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee's School of architecture. Last semester I completed a pre-thesis in preparation for my thesis project this semester.

I am looking for feedback on the thesis booklet that I produced that can be viewed here

I am looking for general feedback and some discussions on architecture types that could strengthen the research and project. Looking forward to comments.


Aug 21, 19 3:37 pm

Hi John! I looked at your booklet. My first question would be if the booklet is supposed to be able to stand on its own or if it will accompany some kind of deeper presentation?

From what I see so far, I'd say that your graphics could use some refinement and tuning up. Perhaps introduce some more contrast with the line weights for example. Also, I cannot figure out how the text connects with the graphics you present, how are they relevant to your idea?

In terms of text, your idea is interesting. "Money and architecture" is an interesting exploration but many of your claims are very broad. "by in large the average American landscape is defined by the grand experiment that is suburbia," for instance. What do you mean by that? What are some examples of these "landscapes?" You go into post WWII research which I enjoy and I think touches more on what you're really interested, focusing more on the research you've done in this area may help solidify your thinking.

Best of luck to you.

Aug 21, 19 8:41 pm  · 

Thank you for taking a look. Its not a final draft more like a the jump off point for this semesters work. I started with a very broad idea of looking into money and banks and it took a lot of reading and research to distill it down into this book. This was a formality that my college asks for before the thesis begins. I will definitely be cleaning up the drawings more and work them out to "flow" better with the text. These are originally 12"x 12" or 24"x 24" drawings so they are quite large for presentations. 


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