M.Arch I / M.Arch II for international students (to get accredited?)


Hello, I am an international applicant. I recently graduated from the national school of architecture in a north african country. The program is six years long (5 years of architecture studies + 1 year for the thesis and the final project), graduated students hold a "professional" Architect degree (within the country) .

I was planning on applying for M.Arch I in order to get a professional degree NAAB  accredited, but I see that most international students on the forum that are in the same position as me are applying for M.Arch II, so i was wondering if applying for the post professional degree M.Arch II is enough for me to get accredited. I am confused can you please give me some clarification?

Aug 16, 19 6:17 pm

To clarify, a person doesn't receive NAAB accreditation; a degree is accredited.  To become a licensed architect in most states in the US, you need to graduate from an accredited degree program which is an MArch I or a BArch.  Most MArch II programs are not accredited, but are more geared toward research and teaching.  You would have to check on the individual program to find out if it is accredited or not.  Most schools put that information on their website for potential applicants to check prior to applying.

Aug 16, 19 7:11 pm  · 

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