M.Arch programs (IVY LEAGUE) with financial aid (Full scholarships, assistantships..) for international students


Hello, please do you have an idea about which ivy league uni with M.Arch program is the most generous with international students in terms of full ride scholarships, grants, etc.

Aug 14, 19 4:58 pm

Definitely not GSAPP from what I know. GSD can be pretty generous - I've heard of amounts up to $35k.

Aug 14, 19 7:03 pm
Non Sequitur

what makes you think you’d get a full ride?

Aug 14, 19 7:11 pm

From personal experience, they will almost always not give you financial aid at first. You have the right to appeal, and if you're convincing enough, they generally have some money reserved. Good luck.

Aug 15, 19 2:03 pm

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