I’m planning to buy a laptop before I start architecture school.


hi guys! I’m an aspiring architect and I’m going to start architecture school next year. I’m planning to buy a laptop for the same as I heard that most of the stuff is done on a PC. I want to buy a MacBook Pro but I’ve heard that some architecture softwares don’t work that well on iOS than windows. Is that true? Or what other laptops can you recommend? Thanks x

Aug 12, 19 12:17 pm
Non Sequitur

There is a little search function in the top-right of this page.  Use it since this question is asked here several times per week.

Now, with that aside, wait and see what your courses require.  It is very likely that your university will have a computer lab for you to use so it's not worth spending your parent's money on a shiny new laptop when you have zero clue on what to expect in 1st year.  

For what it costs, MBP are not worth it, even with their Intel CPU and bootcamp.  Get yourself a reasonable 17" PC laptop with dedicated GPU and good cooling and take the rest of the cash you'd waste on a MBP and build yourself a decent PC tower.  

Aug 12, 19 12:37 pm

If you think MacBook Pros run iOS you will be in for a big surprise. 

Aug 12, 19 1:39 pm

just buy a windows desktop

Feb 18, 20 1:32 am

Seriously, seriously, seriously. Macbook isn't a laptop for Architecture STUDENT. Yes, it works for an architect - considering u won't need to use an ARRAY of softwares, it works like wonder with just Adobe Creative Softwares, Microsoft Office and maybe a little bit of non-aggressive Rhino usage lol. Other than that, u totally need a Windows. As an architecture student, u will need so much softwares! Mac just cannot handle it as u will need to bootcamp it, which is another process that will give u some headache. Just get a window.

For me, I have 2 laptops. Windows for REAL work for Uni and Macbook Air with Adobe Creative Suites + Microsoft Office to do soft-core uni work when im out travelling as Macbook, undeniably, is so good for travelling (and its Chic). :)

Feb 18, 20 5:30 am
Non Sequitur

What a useless suggestion.... 2 laptops?  Just get over the mac marketing and use the one PC.  There is nothing superior with adobe on mac that justifies the price of the thin shiny aluminum square.


do they still have only one button on Mac mouses? maybe the fewer buttons is the advantage?

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