Hey guys! I just stumbled across this platform and read a few threads but I’m having trouble myself. 

I’m currently a senior in high school and I know I want to major in architecture. I’ve taken dual enrollment classes for Architectural design 1 and Architectural drawing and still love it. This summer I went to an architecture camp at my dream school and I’m just so excited to start. However, I don’t know if I’d be accepted. 

I know you guys aren’t the dean of admissions, but can you help me and guesstimate based on your personal experience?

I’m from a highly competitive public high school where 1350 SATs are normal and gpas of 4.9 are common. 

I have a 1120 SAT and 4.4 gpa

I’m also the President of a club I just started at school to raise awareness for an issue that kept hurting people

I’m pretty sure no one from my school is planning on majoring in architecture, so I’m hoping my chances are high. 

My architecture teacher agreed to write me a recommendation letter, which I think would help me  

I try to study for the SAT but I just can’t get it right. I’m worried I won’t get any where with my scores. 

My dream school is University of Florida and my back up is Miami dade and fiu. 

If you have any other college recommendations, please comment as well. Any thing helps! Thanks guys!

Aug 9, 19 3:20 pm

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