Portfolio for M.Arch I without B.Arch?


I never thought I would end up in architecture, but here I am as a drafter, seeking my M.Arch. I have a BS in Environmental Policy - so no art or design background there.

As a drafter I mostly draft for others' designs, which I obviously cannot include in my portfolio. However, I do dabble in my own amateur designs - would it be unwise to include these?

Additionally, I do a little drawing and watercolor, but I'm quite the beginner in this field. I hope to continue practicing so I can include this work.

Other than what I stated above, how can I improve my portfolio? Where can I view examples from other students from backgrounds that are non-art/design like me?

Aug 5, 19 12:05 pm

As long as whatever you select conveys that you can think in interesting, creative ways, anything goes. 

If you've only got a couple sketched out ideas or designs, you might be concerned that your portfolio is too thin. Well, ask yourself why you made certain decisions during the sketches, and document that process.  Critically review not just why, but how you are putting certain things on paper. While "final images" might be sexy, they really remove from the equation your thought process. 

Do you have other interests/hobbies? If so, give yourself the task of visually depicting your process in these hobbies. These depictions can be anything - from IKEA pictograms, to amorphous blobs - but they should reflect what your viewpoint. 

Best of luck. I too was a M.Arch I applicant with no prior "experience". Be super happy that your design sense hasn't yet been forced into submission by faculty.

Aug 5, 19 2:58 pm  · 

You can take a Grad Prep Program and work on your portfolio. There is one that is pretty amazing called LAIAD in L.A I went there this summer and it was crazy good. Those guys over there can turn even a business major into an Architect. They have everything you will need, the know people in SCI ARC, USC, Woodbury, Harvard, Columbia, and more so they will connect you if you are good. When I went they took me to SCI ARC and set up a private meeting, just me and the Chair so that I can ask whatever questions I had. I mean I have taken summer courses in The Bartlett in London as well as Barcelona Tech but none of those have the cutting edge approach to design that LAIAD has. I advise that you look into it, I see it as the hidden gem of Architecture in California, since not so many people know about it yet.

Aug 7, 19 7:39 pm  · 

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