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Hi. Guys this is my first post on this forum. 

I am an Indian architect with 2.5 years experience working in Oman and India. The firm(not a big one) that I am working in, is a design build, and over time I have picked up quantity estimation duties as well as the normal design duties (which I was already doing). I have been planning to move away slowly from the design field and more into the project construction management field (cause I feel I suck at design and I feel the pay is much better and other reasons) through free online videos and courses. But right now I feel I am not doing it the correct way.

Obv right now I am looking for a master degree for the same but due to financial constraints I will not be able able to do it any time soon. (at least say 2 years).

The thing I wanted to know was that 

 1) are there any accredited online courses or diploma to help me? Something that will give me a boost later on if and when I start my masters.

2) or even if it's not accredited I don't care. As long as it helps me to figure stuff out and then I move away for the design field. 

3) or if there is a architect turned project manager can give me some advice how to progress from where I am now. 

Thanks in advance! 

Aug 3, 19 3:52 pm

I'm not sure how it works there, but construction companies in the US constantly hire architects to join their teams.  Have you considered reaching out to some contractors or construction companies to see if they are interested in hiring an architect?  You might be able to use your estimating experience to get your foot in the door.

In my experience, the best way to learn something is to do it.  Online classes aren't all that useful unless you are also implementing what you learn.  I'd rather get a job in a construction company.

Good luck!

Aug 3, 19 7:34 pm  · 

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