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Hi all-

I am a current Master of Architecture student at University of Oregon and I am looking to study abroad at the AA in London for a term where they offer a studio, a media, and a history/theory course. But I am running into an issue with our Building Enclosures class. 

At Oregon we only offer it in the fall term which is the only term it will work for me to go to the AA. Is there ANY alternatives to taking a building enclosures class? Online perhaps that anyone is aware of?

I would need it to be accepted by NAAB for my professional degree requirements. I'd appreciate any thoughtful suggestions or loopholes if there are any!


Aug 1, 19 11:33 pm

Since Tech Studies are offered in term 2, suggest you speak to UoO to see if you can set up Independent study unit with them while in UK - 

Aug 2, 19 6:24 am  · 

may be possible, haven't thought of doing the work remotely... thanks!


It's something you just need to work out with your university - whether they'll accept some online course, or a course taught somewhere else, as an equivalent to theirs.  Or let you change your sequence to take it in the fall term of a different year, or do an independent study, or ... whatever.

Basically as long as your school allows the change, NAAB is kind of irrelevant - they never scrutinize your individual courses taken, and neither does NCARB or any state board, as long as you get the NAAB-accredited degree - so your issue is only with your school approving some substitution or other solution. 

Aug 2, 19 11:47 am  · 

thanks for the response!


Awesome, yes I think the biggest hurdle is finding the class or substitute. I am going to reach out to the four online programs that are NAAB accredited and see if they can offer a course to me.

For anyone wondering what those schools are:

- Academy of Art University.
- Boston Architectural College.
- Lawrence Technological University.
- Southern Illinois University.

Aug 14, 19 1:53 am  · 

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