Top architecture schools with 3.5 GPA

TJ 1995

Is it real to get into Top architecture schools with 3.5 GPA. Please answer maximum honestly.

Jul 29, 19 10:30 am

That's a high enough GPA to get you past any gate-keeper screening processes at any M.Arch program.  But, as long as your GPA is above any stated minimum threshold (frequently 3.0)  grades aren't usually one of the most important factors in admissions to the top M.Arch programs.  Portfolio and letters of recommendation are often the make-or-break factors.  Your Statement of Purpose can also be very important.  Grades and GRE don't factor in very heavily unless they're so low as to cause concerns, or the committee is looking for "tie breaker" factors between otherwise equally qualified finalists.

Jul 29, 19 10:50 am
TJ 1995

Thank you very much. Some people here say than unless you have 3.8 or higher it is hopeless dream to be approved for example at Harward or Prinston or anu form the Ivy league. I was wondering if here are anyone with such GPA(3.5) who was approved. I am also very interested in their story.

I’m also wondering the same, but mainly from a 3.35 GPA and only one summer internship as wel as a highlight ranked public university (UVa)
Jul 29, 19 3:48 pm
TJ 1995

I was hoping to Hear some of the stories of those who was admitted. Unfortunately my unversity is not high ranked and in Georgia.(country)

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