Less than 3.0... should I still apply?


So I’m looking to start M.Arch next fall but I graduated undergrad with a 2.9 GPA (failed a class due to a personal tragedy).

Currently researching programs but 2 of the programs I’m interested in, require a 3.0 GPA (UCLA and UW).

UW allows you to apply despite having lower than 3.0 but you also must submit a petition. UCLA has not gotten back to me on the specifics of their requirement.

I plan to study hard for the GRE, and I’m working on strengthening my portfolio. But these programs are competitive (UW arch has 10% acceptance, UCLA arch has 27% acceptance).

My question is: Is there any point applying to these programs?

Jul 27, 19 10:32 am


Jul 27, 19 11:11 pm  · 

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