DIA, Wismar or M-Arch-T


I recently got offer letter from DIA and TU Berlin and still waiting for a reply from Wismar. I know that TU Berlin has the best rating and reputation out of them, but, i want to hear it from people who have actually attended or experienced these courses first hand. Any Ideas?

Jul 25, 19 11:07 am

Hi @kamalmaharjan

Where did you get in finally? How is the experience & the studies? Even I am planning to apply to these universities. Any tips?

I have talked to Wismar and they said they need at least 70% score as per percentage system! I'm from India and India doesn't score soo much for professional courses. My score is 60.5%
Do you think I should still apply?

Did you get into Wismar? What was your score?

Jan 14, 20 11:31 am

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