Going into B.Arch, need a good box for supplies

August F.

Hey all,

I'm starting my B.Arch in 5 weeks, and I have a whole lot of supplies for studio but no good box to put them in. I need something that can fit pens, rulers, various squares, a scale, a triangle, some french curves, some blades, a cutting mat, and a roll of bumwad. I'd like to be able to fit the box in my backpack or at least carry it by a handle, because rolling a toolbox around looks pretty stupid when you're not an actual worker.

Any recommendations?

Jul 18, 19 12:29 pm

I used a Stanley Fatmax version of this:

Had a tray in the top that was great for pens and the like.  All my other crap went into the cavernous bottom.  

Jul 18, 19 12:45 pm
August F.

Did this thing live in studio or did you roll it around all the time?


Lived in studio. Everyone had a desk that was about 3'x5'. Box lived in the space under it.


That’s a lot of stuff to try and cram into a backpack. I used a fishing tackle box for most stuff and a soft portfolio bag for the larger items.

Jul 18, 19 1:20 pm
atelier nobody

I have a "man-purse" that holds most of what you listed, plus a Dell XPS13 laptop (NOT suitable for CAD/BIM or any kind of rendering, OKish for SketchUp), a few other electronic devices and paraphernalia, and a fair number of markers. I don't carry around a cutting mat, but a small one would fit. There's enough space left over for a book or 2.

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Jul 18, 19 1:25 pm
Non Sequitur

My undergrad studios provided each student with a large horizontal wooden locker (on a stand) that doubled up as a model making table.  I kept all supplies in there as I had access to my workspace 24/7 and never ever brought studio work home.  At the end of each year, instead of emptying the locker out, I just back-up my car to the loading door and took that baby home for the summer.

Not relevant... I get it, but thanks for tossing me down memory lane for a few minutes.

Jul 18, 19 1:57 pm
August F.

Do most undergrad studios let you leave your stuff at your station? If that's the case, I'll absolutely just get a locker instead of hauling every day.

Non Sequitur

This is probably something you should ask the school.


I worked in the arts before going to studio, so I made a variety of plywood crates to pack them all up. I think I still have a crate of bees in my garage. 

Jul 19, 19 10:26 pm

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