Portfolio tips needed


Hi everyone,

I am planning to apply for industrial design masters and I need tips on how to organize my portfolio. 

Please share any advice/article for organizing the page (A4 format is requested in this case), Do's and Don'ts,  tips on how to tell the story behind the design or any advice that you think might help present my work in appropriate way is welcomed.
My biggest weakness is that I believe that the images tell the story and I lack the ability to tell the story behind my ideas with words.

Also I need to print it so suggestions regarding choosing the paper or saving the pages in appropriate format is also useful information for me.


Jul 18, 19 8:31 am

Your first step is to make one and show it to people that you're asking the advice. We really have no idea what your graphic strengths or weaknesses are based on what you've written, so it's hard to provide tips/feedback on nothing.

But - first things first, go on and search for portfolios based on the degree program you're trying to get into.

And - since you're printing, save your file in CMYK format.

Jul 18, 19 4:25 pm  · 

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