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I am applying for grad school in the next few months to pursue my Master of Architecture.  Most portfolio guidelines for the schools I'm applying to are pretty easy to understand, however one school says 

"In order to give the committee a sense of the trajectory of your previous design studio experience, please include images from at least four academic studio projects (clearly labeled), with one of them fully documented." 

How would you interpret that? Should I have my best project with as much information as possible, and the others with just one page of info?


Jul 15, 19 5:41 pm

Have you tried calling them yet? If not, don't be shy it's your future...

Jul 15, 19 8:21 pm  · 

^yes I think they can give you the most clear answer to your question but part of the portfolio is using your loose interpretation to make it your own while showcasing your work. I would say one project is going to be more in depth than the others. So a comprehensive project would probably work for that. I wouldn't think that idea of best project with as much information as can still be selective of what is needed to convey that entire project. If you don't have a comprehensive project find one that you have documented the entire process from start to finish, so parti, development, site, drawings, renderings, models, etc..

Jul 16, 19 9:12 am  · 

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