4 year degree + March (3year)


Is getting a 4 degree in a business related field then a Masters of architecture a viable plan to get into the architecture field? If so, what degree? My end goal is to run or start an architecture firm. 

I am leaning towards BS Marketing or a BS in Business Administration with a focus in Marketing. Lastly, is a 5 year Barch degree then an MBA also a good route?

Jul 15, 19 12:05 pm
Non Sequitur

Why architecture?

More specifically, how much do you know about the professional world of architects, building design, contract admin, and construction details?

Jul 15, 19 12:42 pm  · 

I am currently studying Construction Architecture in Iceland which is described as a combination of architecture and civil engineering. The program requires a few business-related courses which I have been very fond of. I am transferring to a US University this fall with a major in Marketing. I am still very passionate about architecture and could definitely see myself returning to the field.


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