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Hi all,

I’ve recently completed my first draft of my portfolio for masters applications in the autumn and could use some critical feedback. I started off in architecture school in the US before transferring to an architectural technologist program in Denmark. My reason for transferring was that I could not afford my programs cost in the US. I had a 3.4gpa average at the time of transferring.

My school in Denmark focused mainly on construction management, details and technical drawings. So I never really learned how to render that well since we were completely discouraged from attempting anything design-based. 

I tried to tailor my portfolio to my strengths but I’m still a novice when it comes to layouting. My statement page is a placeholder for now that will be personalized for each university program I apply to. I heard that you are supposed to propose a potential thesis? Any advice on the personal statements/essay would be much appreciated.

My first choice is LTH, Lund University’s architecture program. My reach school is TU Delft (would need to rework my portfolio format and narrative a bit to fulfill their requirements). So far I only have hard confirmation that LTH accepts my undergraduate degree. I want to pursue the spatial experiments line and potentially go on exchange with Waseda University for a semester. What appeals to me about Delfts program is the possibility of the Explore Lab. I love the open ended ability to tailor something to my personal interests.

If you’ve gone to either of these schools I’d love to hear what your experiences are.

Thanks in advance.

Jul 15, 19 12:08 pm

If you include links to let's say a LinkedIn-profile, make sure to export your pdf incl hyperlinks...

Jul 15, 19 8:43 pm  · 

I didn’t think of that, thanks for the heads up!


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