How does the M-CDC course at Detmold compare to other similar courses like ITECH at Stuttgart and what is the infrastructure like over? I couldn't find sufficient information about it anywhere so it would be nice of if someone could provide some details. Thanks! 

Jul 10, 19 3:25 am

It's no longer called M-CDC. It's now the MID program. MID is short of "Master of Engineering in Integrated Design" and it has two specializations/focus: (1) Computational Design and (2) Facade Design. There's also MIAD but I think it's their version of Master of Architecture / MSc Architecture. I stumbled upon this school when I was looking for similar programs to Stuttgart's ITECH. I don't think Detmold's program matches up with Stuttgart's ITECH in terms of reputation and research (and it being a sought after program by those interested in getting into what ITECH covers), but I've seen some works from Detmold from both student and faculty that are pretty interesting.

Aug 11, 19 10:33 am  · 

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