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I've attained my graduate in economics, psychology and sociology, however want to pursue my career in urban planning and design along with public policy. I'm highly confused whether I can attain it without doing my graduate in architecture. If there a way of pursuing this interest by a master's degree or would it be more beneficial to get a architectural degree first? 

Jul 9, 19 11:17 pm

Maybe you could check out master programs similar to the TU Delft's :   ''Management in the Built Environment track''

Jul 10, 19 12:25 pm

Yes there are lots of master of urban planning and urban design programs all over the world.  Architecture is not normally a prerequisite to study either.  The fields of study aren't even directly related in many universities (separate departments, separate administration, little overlapping curricula), though there are some that offer dual degree programs in both.  There are also some undergrad design majors that mix urban design, landscape, architecture, and sometimes interiors all into one major in "Design of the Environment" or something similar.  But it's not necessary to have majored in anything related to urban planning, urban design, or architecture in order to pursue a master degree in any of those fields.

Jul 10, 19 12:37 pm

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