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Good Evening (at least where I'm it's night xD), so i was watching some videos on Youtube about the future of public transportation and street use, and I started wondering about the possibility of connecting the idea of public space and transportation as a way of improving life quality.

So I was watching the videos I noticed 2 main characteristics.

1 - The Equipment increases it scale.

2 - Individual transportation decreases in popularity

As we tend to spend more time inside vehicles, travel to far distances wouldn't make sense to integrate Use inside these vehicles? Sure it will decrease the number of people that can travel per unit, but It's similar to say that we need the maximum space in a house to be worth living, quality is different quantity.

Working spaces, exercising spaces, higiene, technology integration,wouldn't it be a good solution to implement on this new wave of vehicles and infrastructure?

Jul 9, 19 7:22 pm


1) increase of expense

2) people sweating and stinking

for the other points you have smartphone, tablet and company, you need just a wifi, devices are portable.

Ask your self what people want when using public transportation.

Some fancy thing with bells and whistle that no one care or

Cheap clean and comfortable transportation with essential services; wifi, toilet, space for luggage, space for legs and reclining seats.

Transportation or aot should be made first thinking about the main utility, overall impact and not less the wallet of the targeted consumer.

Jul 9, 19 10:27 pm

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