3rd Year Entry


Off the top, is anyone aware of 3rd year entry architecture/environmental design etc. programs other than UBC and DAL?

Europe and UK included.

Thanks ahead.

Jul 7, 19 9:42 pm
Non Sequitur

why? It’s only undergrad after all. Just look for a 3y Accredited M.Arch and finish whatever degree you’re currently doing, then apply to it. 

Jul 7, 19 9:54 pm

I was admitted to Dal’s a year early but withdrew; am finishing my prerequisites for UBC at UBC this coming year. I want to apply to other schools incase UBC doesn’t work out. Any other degree won’t work for me. 

Jul 7, 19 10:11 pm
Non Sequitur

You should have stayed with DAL. Besides that, if you’re looking to build a career in architecture in Canada, you’ll need an accredited masters (or barch equivalent) to even register as an intern. Something to think about as you’re shopping around the lower tiered schools.

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