Can MIT students take studio at GSD and vice versa?


Hi all,

I think I've read in some posts that a student from MIT could be eligible to do studio lottery at the GSD. Is it really possible? I didn't thought it was possible until I read the post, anyone know about this?


Jul 3, 19 11:46 am

In theory yes in upper years. But it doesn't usually, if ever, happen. Even if the schedules coordinate and for some reason the other university's studios are under-enrolled enough that they can even accept exchange students, you'd be disadvantaged in their respective lottery systems (because of not having been in it in past semesters, so not having carryover points) so you'd almost certainly get the least popular studio.

Jul 3, 19 2:17 pm

I don't think the GSD counts carryover points anymore in their lottery system.

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