How did you develop your M.Arch portfolio? (Non-B.Arch undergrad. degree holders)


With the goal of eventually owning a design build firm, I see obtaining an advanced degree as necessary; albeit very expensive.

However, even with a construction background, (B.S. Construction Science & Management) I have no idea where to start for my M.ARCH portfolio submission. 

Because I minored in architecture, worked 3 years as a graphic designer, and also interned with an top firm in my area for urban projects, (all will be included in my profile) I feel as though the committee is going to expect a lot out of me design-wise with my undergrad degree so closely related to architecture itself.

I understand concepts such as scheduling, BIM, construability, materiality, and practice by dealing primarily with architects and the general public so much, but I'm not entirely sure what actual architects what to see from prospective students. 

I have about a year to put together a sound portfolio for a top 20 school for Architecture and 1 reach (Top 10) for an M.ARCH degree.

Any advice from anyone without a B.ARCH but instead a related discipline when they crafted their portfolio? 

i.e. Engineering, Real Estate, etc.

Jul 2, 19 10:38 pm
Non Sequitur

Your portfolio must first demonstrate your ability to think and design using the very basics (scale, shape, proportions, etc, etc).  This is often best achieved by showing progression from concept to final product instead of just slapping together a few shiny images.  BIM schedules and whatnot should not be included IMO.  

Jul 2, 19 11:10 pm

Got you, makes sense to start so basic and work my way up. I will plan accordingly as opposed to relying so heavily on rendered imagery.

Non Sequitur

Pooping out shiny images is the easy part. Anyone can do it with a few minutes of youtube tutorials. Show them how you think through design problems and add some design flare where it needs to be. Assembling a decent array of quick hand drawings and sketches also helps fill in some gaps.

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