Help me to Learn Architecture from scratch


Hi , this is Gnansekhar from India , i'm very much intrested in learning architecture and may be planning to turn into my career options, the problem is now at this point of life where i'm now could not able to attend University or Architecture Colleges for pursuing Architecture. so please suggest me ways of learning Architecture from the scratch i can attend classes trhough online . so please suggest me online platforms or universities or colleges which offer architecture through online classes.

Jun 26, 19 11:30 am

You need to start with a circle, a square and a triangle. 

Jun 26, 19 4:35 pm

Start by learning to search these forums. This question comes up a lot.

Out of curiosity: How old are you? The advice for a high school student is going to be very different from the advice for a 30 year old.

Jun 26, 19 4:51 pm
Non Sequitur

Invent a time machine and go back to when you did have the time and enrol in a architecture school.

Jun 26, 19 4:56 pm

Are you thinking architecture practice or architecture studies? Find a firm nearby, make an appointment to 'job shadow' and see if its what you are interested in as a rough idea. Write down a list of questions you have and take that with you. Architecture education and practice is going to vary greatly among countries but I can't imagine many places offering online degrees. The education and training process is long and continuously changing. On another note, you may find it easier to do an architectural technology path. Since this is more of a technology route a lot of times its offered online and in about 2 years vs a 4+ design degree. 

Jun 26, 19 5:01 pm
atelier nobody

Learn enough CAD and BIM to get you a job as an entry-level drafter. Learn everything else on the job.

Jun 26, 19 5:53 pm

Learn to sketch, visit building sites and finished buildings, draw what you see and what you don’t see. And for the all the software >>>youtube

Jun 27, 19 4:17 am

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