Grid or no grid?



I have a very basic question. 

When designing a multistory building should we go for a column grid system first and then design according to that or the other way around? 

The reason I am asking this question is because we are taught in school to use grids but using grids at the start can limit design ideas. On the other hand, designing without grids can lead to an impractical design. So at what point of design should the grid be created?

Jun 15, 19 10:59 am

I always go for what I want first, then make it work later.

Jun 15, 19 11:31 am

in general you need a concept for the plan and building massing before you develop a grid. it's not useful to take a blank site and start with a grid. but once you start developing the plans beyond a very basic level you'll need this.

Jun 15, 19 4:25 pm

Draw whatever you want. Let them figure it out on site.

Jun 16, 19 7:32 am

What are your priorities? Cost? Structural efficiency? Material type? Aesthetics? Unit layout?

Jun 17, 19 11:35 am

I always started with a grid and in retrospect, the designs that were started without a grid were substantially better. If you keep measurements in mind when designing, grids shouldn’t be too hard to implement. In an office setting, I found that most design both simultaneously. 

Jun 17, 19 5:16 pm

Start with a grid. Work out a design that almost works with that grid. Update the grid to work with the design. Repeat.

Jun 17, 19 5:55 pm

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