M.Arch at CCNY as Sage as It Seems?


Shifting mid-career is daunting, mostly financially. City College's M.Arch program - tuition is roughly $14k/year - is the smart choice (kicker: no GRE required). But what does the post-graduate side of life look like? 

Can any City College alumni speak to landing a job after graduation? And did the school prepare you for the field? 

As a masters-level social worker in his mid-thirties, I'm prepared to pursue my passion, but not without being sensible. 



Jun 14, 19 12:48 am

i'm curious why you are leaving social work for architecture. it's not uncommon to hear of someone who ignored their interest in architecture for something practical like business and regretted it later - but social work isn't usually the safe choice. 

what do you hope to get out of architecture that SW isn't giving you?

Jun 14, 19 10:12 am

Thanks for asking. SW wasn't an choice, per se, but a consequence - of life at specific time. It's complicated. Now, things are less complicated, and I'm able to consider What I Truly Want to Do. Architecture, broadly compared, would provide a work life I love, a purposeful drive, creative nourishment. 

Jun 14, 19 12:41 pm

ok. I love my job and have made a comfortable living at it, so I won't discourage anyone who believes this is what they want to do. You're right to consider education costs carefully - it makes a big difference. I know nothing about that program though. Contact the school and ask if they can put you in touch with alumni who could tell you how it's worked out for them.

Sorry to put cold water on your campfire, but if you are looking for “creative nourishment”, architecture is not the place. You will spend most of your time drafting others creative thoughts and doing code research in the meantime — at least for several years till you get to a more senior position. Just putting it out there.

As for CCNY, I don’t think a degree from there will land you amongst the big boys in NYC (SOM, KPF etc), but I may be wrong.
Jun 15, 19 3:20 pm

That's good feedback. Still, I'll say I'm not deluded about dues to pay. And other architects have said the same. It's something, in theory, I can endure.

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