Graduate Degrees Related to Urban Design & Planning


Hi guys, I am practicing architect for 8 years and contemplating to take a break in my career and pursue a graduate studies in the field of urban design. However I do not want to embark on another pure design studies and am pretty much looking to pick up different skill sets which will complement my career advancement as an urban designer/planner. 

What are the relevant courses? Are real estate and geography degrees useful for urban design/planning career? How about data science or urban analytics? 

Could someone please recommend the popular schools for those degrees? 


Jun 11, 19 11:35 am


Here is a start. You are going to be in the preservation business also, unless you want to flatten everything like Coubusier proposed with Paris.

Jun 11, 19 1:51 pm

Hello! I run an interdisciplinary urban leadership masters program at Drexel University called Urban Strategy. It brings together design, planning principles, public health, sustainability and resilience, economics and history. We believe that urbanists need a broad engagement with a variety of methods of problem solving. If you are interested, check out


Jun 12, 19 9:29 am

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